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Curriculum vitae

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Curriculum Vitae

Born in Antwerp, Belgium on 8 June 1950

Primary Schools : Sint Rochus, Deurne and Sint Norbertus Antwerpen (accredited)

Secondary schools : Technisch Instituut Borgerhout and Stedelijk Instituut voor Sierkunsten en Ambachten Antwerpen  (accredited)

Hoger Instituut voor Grafisch Onderwijs, Turnhout (accredited)

B.I.B. (E.T.F.) Leuven, Belgium   Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies 1976  (accredited)

N.B.T.S. (Trinity Western University) Langley, BC, Canada Master's degree in Ministry   1993   (accredited)

Stafford University, England. Doctor of Philosophy.  2003    (not accredited)

Hebron Eco University, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Master of Arts in Theology 2016 (accredited)

Hebron Eco University, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Doctor of Theology, 2018 (accredited)

Other degrees and diplomas:

Attest G.B.P. opleiding (equal to a Bachelor in Education) Antwerpen 1998  (accredited)

Trinity College of Nigeria Doctor of Divinity h.c; 1995    (not accredited)

Masterbuilder Diploma  1986  SBC    (not accredited)

Fellow of the College (Wessex Theological College) Sherborne, Dorset, England 1990   (not accredited)

Doctorandus Somerset University, Illminster, England 1991   (not accredited)

Chieftancy from Edo, AKS, Nigeria Obong Unwana Edo 1992   (not accredited)

Books published:

A list of bibles, printed in the 15 and 16th century - Agape 1976

A study on the book of Philippians - MBFB 1976

The Impact of the art of Printing in the 15th and 16the century - BIB 1976

Ely - MBFB 1987

Discipleship, a doctrine never out of date - master's thesis NBTS 1993

The life of Armauer Hansen - TLMPress 1993

Nigeria, a surprising country - TLMPress 1994

Onze mundiale verantwoordelijkheid TLMPress 1995

Child-soldiers, slaves of war - TLMPress 1996

Orissa en India TLMpress 1997

Le dr Mallik à la recherche de nouveaux patients TLMpress 1998

Dr Malik zoekt nieuwe patienten TLMpress 1998

Onze samenleving TLMpress 1998

Wellesley Bailey - TLMpress 1999

Teng (vertaling) TLMpress 2001

Bezoek aan zone de santé Kisantu TLMpress 2007

over 100 articles in missions Magazine "Focus" TLM-Belgium

editor in chief of Focus 1993-2009 TLM-Belgium

writer of articles in Direction Magazine, Homsa Sri Lanka

The influence of Luther to today's church  English, Dutch, French - Agape Antwerp Belgium 2017

Gelijkheid van man en vrouw - Agape, Antwerp Belgium, 2018

Speaking in tongues - Agape Antwerp Belgium, 2019

Bible studies:

Inductive Bible study Mark (TEE) 1981

Inductive Bible Study New Testament introduction (TEE) 1983

The Force (vertaling JTC) 1990

Melaatsheid in de Bijbel TLMpress 1994

De houding tegenover de aarde TLMpress 1999

Het uur dat de wereld verandert EHCB 2006

De Bijbelse manier van Geven DBM 2006

Hoop voor vandaag (vertaling) EHCB 2009

The pastor as Shepherd, member, evangelist  - DBM 2012

Sterk staan (1 Petrus) DBM 2013

Apostleship DBM 2012


2 years salvation army in Antwerp 1976-1978

Evangelist and pastor of the Antwerp Baptist Church - Agape - 1980-1986

Teacher at Limburgs Baptisten Seminarium 1981-1983

Evangelist of the Mission of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Antwerp 1988-1992

Assistant director of the Leprosy Mission 1992-1993

Director of the Leprosy Mission Belgium 1993-2009

Visiting professor at Trinity College of Nigeria, 1992, 1996, 1998, 2000

Director of Every Home for Christ-Belgium 2004-2015

Founder and professor at Trinity Bible school, Mbeya, Tanzania 2006

Teacher at Trinity Bible School, Belgium 2004- 2015

Docent at E.T.C. Antwerpen, 2013-present

Docent at S.A.I.T. and E.T.C. Sri Lanka 2012-present

Adjunct professor at MESA-GST, Sri Lanka 2015 - present

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